Florida Grown Company

Welcome paddle sport enthusiasts to DeckBagZ!  We are an American-owned company, and all our products are made right here in sunny Gulf Coast Florida by hand, by paddleboarders just like you.
"We strive to offer the highest quality and style gear and accessories for your paddle sports needs, made from the toughest materials and hardware available.  We are the FIRST COMPANY EVER to offer a line of paddle board gear and accessories with a retro surf style at the forefront, combined with "Florida tested" extreme rugged durability.  Enjoy and Mahalo!"
A former surfer from Cape May, New Jersey, transplanted to the Gulf Coast of Florida in the 80's. Owner and operator of a custom marine canvas company for many years, designing, fabricating and installing custom boat canvas.  
"When paddle boarding hit, I realized how awesome it was to stand on a board again.  I took a particular liking to the touring style of paddling, but soon found a need for a deck bag to carry stuff in, so the expeditions could be more fun and comfortable.  I wanted something cool, so I looked online, fully intending to buy something as soon as I found it.  Literally couldn't pull the trigger on any of them, and labored over it for days.  I couldn't believe the available choices didn't include anything with any kind of surf style.  This is when the mission became clear."
So, the idea was to make something super rugged, so it would last in the Florida saltwater environment, but to make it look retro cool, like it came out of the 60's or 70's surfer culture of Hawaii or California.  Using my knowledge of textile design and fabrication I'd accumulated from 12 years in the boat canvas business, and after several design prototypes and refinements, got it.  A deck bag, inspired by the classic old 60's airbrush surf posters of the woody wagon on the beach, the surf and sky reflecting in its windows.  A throwback to surf culture coolness from the past.
DeckBagZ. The first, the original, the only retro surf style gear for your SUP or Kayak.