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DeckBagZ - Retro Surf Style SUP Deck Bags

DeckBagZ, the original & only manufacturer of retro surf style paddleboard deck bags for SUP or kayaking.  Durable and stylish paddleboarding and kayak deck bags made of neoprene and a vinyl mesh designed to look like wicker in many great colors.  Features of our SUP deck bag include 3 handy D rings, a slide loop for your paddle, two durable zipper openings, an internal key ring, 4 snap hooks for mounting and a convenient carry handle.  
DeckBagZ measure 18" x 13" x 5" and weigh approximately 15 ounces.  Styles include haole green, haole pink, haole purple, retro green, retro blue, retro gray, retro red and tribute camo.  These high quality bags are handmade in the USA.  Stand up, but stand out!
    • Haole Green SUP Deck Bag

      Haole derives from the word for a local person in Hawaii who is not of Hawaiian descent. This beautiful green design matches many different colors and styles of SUP or kayak equipment and will really stand out on your board.

    • SUP deck bags haole green
    • Haole Pink SUP Deck Bag

      Deckbagz Haole Pink SUP deck bag is one of our most popular sellers for it's detailed design and rich, vibrant color. You will be the envy of every paddleboarder with this stylish bag on board.

    • SUP deck bags haole pink
    • Haole Purple SUP Deck Bag

      Haole purple is another popular seller for SUP enthusiasts that love this style of design. Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red and is associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition.

    • SUP deck bags Haole Purple
    • Retro Blue SUP Deck Bag

      If a darker blue is more your style, check out our retro blue design. This color goes well with virtually any style and color of board or gear while still maintaining a stye that you don't find in other SUP deck bags.

    • SUP deck bags retro blue
    • Retro Red SUP Deck Bag

      Red is still the color of choice for a lot of SUP enthusiasts. Red is associated with energy, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. You will love our retro style bag.

    • SUP deck bags retro red
    • Retro Green SUP Deck Bag

      Deckbagz retro green bag is more of a traditional green color. Our retro green bags are a stylish way to go green. Better yet they will match virtually any board or SUP accessory.

    • SUP deck bags retro green
    • Retro Gray SUP Deck Bag

      Retro gray is the style to choose if you want to add a little style with a bag that goes with anything. Gray denotes a conservative, sophisticated look with the durability and usefullness of a great bag.

    • SUP deck bags retro gray
    • Tribute Camo SUP Deck Bag

      For a camouflage look choose our tribute camo style SUP deck bags. Whether you are a military enthusiast or identify with camo style you will love the design and look of this bag. Durable bags with a distinguished style.

    • SUP deck bags tribute camo
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