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Send any item as an eGIFT this holiday season!

Happy to announce that we've added a feature to our store this year enabling you to send any of our items as a gift!  The best part is that you can guess at the items or color, and the gift recipient can change or exchange for anything else they may want!  So when you "check them off the list", you can be sure that they will love your gift 100% guaranteed!
So here's how it works...
Step 1: Choose items to send as gifts, and press "Send as eGift" to add to your cart.
Step 2: The recipient gets your amazing gift via email on the date you select!
Step 3: They open the gift message, fill out their preferred shipping address and can adjust or exchange the gift before it ships.
SUCCESS: The gift will be sent to the address they filled out and will arrive on time, in the colors they love! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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