Paddle Board Deck Bag Reviews

Paddle Board Deck Bag Reviews


paddle board deck bag blue hibiscus neoprene

"Retro Blue DeckBagZ works beautifully on gorgeous Yolo board on Louisiana bayou"

We think of the people who buy from us as our new friends... check that... new family. So, when you consider that for a moment, then you begin to understand our company's philosophy and our "M.O."  We treat our people as well as we possibly can, in every way, from the meticulous quality of work we put into making our bags and gear, all the way through to the follow up thank you letter. But, as they say, why take our word for it?   Every now and then we like to publish some recent reviews written and published by our most recent peeps, who say the things we are way too modest to say.   A heartfelt thank you to all who have  taken their time to share their experience, so that others may benefit!

 We LOVE the deck bag!! We've already given out your website to several friends! Thought I'd share a photo from our beautiful Louisiana bayous... Heidi H.


I received my Deckbag yesterday. Thanks for your great service and superfast delivery. It is an awesome bag! I can't wait to get out on the water with it! This bag should hold everything I need for a day out on the water.    Lynne H.


This bag is super cute and functional! I love that I can throw all my paddleboard needs in this bag! My 20 year old son is jealous. We will be getting a green one for him! Thanks for the super quick delivery too!!      Lainy G.


I really enjoy this deck bag ,, easy to access your stuff inside, you can get a shoulder strap with it, it dries quickly. it's cute and I use it on the beach also! it is definitely multipurpose, they also have a bunch of cute matching accessories              Cindy C.


Received these (DeckBagZ Suction Cup Mount Kit)  with my gorgeous DeckBagZ - suction is great and keeps everything where is should be once stuck down. Even when carrying the board to/from the water. My board has an epoxy finish - so they sealed perfectly. Highly recommend this product. :-)             K.Rauter