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Paddle Board Accessories Touring Kit Now Available

paddle board accessories kit leopard animal print
A lot happening here at DeckBagZ  this early Summer of '17!  Here's the newest scoop...
Paddle Board Touring Kits Launched:
Some of us like to have it all when we go paddle touring.  For those who do, DeckBagZ is pleased to announce the launch of our "Paddle Board Accessories Touring Kit", available in ALL COLORS!  
This is just like bundling your cable services, only way cooler and way more fun to use!  We have included the original DeckBagZ SUP Deck Bag, along with the Matching Carry Strap, combined with our Dry Bag, a 16 oz. Water Bottle Cooler, and a Hook On Neoprene Stash Bag in our Touring Kits, and have priced them at a savings to our online customers only. So if you like to sport the coolest gear on your board, and like to save moolah, then give this deal some thought!
Leopard Animal Print Now Available:
You may have noticed from our blog picture this week that there is a new color available for all of our deck bag gear, and yes, its Leopard!!  Grrrowl.  We've already gotten some great feedback from our local surf shop dealers, and sales for leopard are off to a historically very fast start.  
So, here's how it happened.  I was cruising through our suppliers' catalogs one day in April this year, and happened to say, "hey, they make this neoprene in a leopard print" to the illustrious Mrs. DeckBagZ.  Well.  That was that.  (I still get to make some of the decisions around here, though...)  
Anyway, there it is.  Leopard Animal Print.  
We would love to hear your feedback on the new color, and while you're hitting us up, what other colors or animal prints would YOU like to see?

OK so that's it for the moment.  Paddle Safe.  Enjoy the early Summer of "17, and Mahalo!

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