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Check out what one of our favorite customers did!

OK, so April in Colorado sent us a picture of a rig that she's innovated using a few of our items. April is one of our biggest fans and most loyal customers.  This idea of hers is so slick, we recreated a photo of her concept for you all to see.  A deck bag with water bottle and sport bottle attached to the sides using included slide loops and snap hooks, along with a wristlet stash bag on top, held in place by carabiners and April's custom bungee cord accent, in which she keeps a waterproof phone box.  Combined with a DeckBagZ carry strap, this forward thinker says she carries this rig easily on her shoulder while carrying her SUP and paddle in the other hand.

Thank you for sharing your genius use of our gear in such a fresh and innovative way April!  We are honored that you found the inspiration from our products to create such a cool useage of them!  We continue to be surprised by our amazing DeckBagZ "family".