email from one of  "Santa's Helpers"

email from one of "Santa's Helpers"

Got the bag today and absolutely love it! May have to buy another one. Santa is bringing our family SUP boards for Christmas so I was reading some SUP forums and mags for ideas on accessories. Love love love your retro bags! I got my husband a retro looking bamboo SUP board so it will look awesome, he's gonna love both. 
I may need to get a Deck Bagz for my own SUP though :). I loved that these are made right down the street in Clearwater (we are in Tampa now). Can't wait to get on the water. Thanks for a great quality product made right here in the good ole US of A. 
Merry Christmas to you and many wishes for a prosperous new year. I will sing your praises to other SUP'ers that I meet on our beautiful waterways. deck bag sup paddle board gear bag deck bags